Charging points

Stand-alone AC/DC charging points with separate power connection

Multiple AC/DC charging points in combination with Charging Park Management Unit for Smart Load Balancing

AC/DC charging point

Our AC/DC charging point for EVs has a compact, sustainable and weather-proof design with integrated electronic safeguard and is available in 3.7kWup to 22kW, with single or double outlets.

Stand-alone AC/DC charging points work completely independent and each have their own power supply with customized power levels. A connection with the Local Area Network can be delivered via ethernet (or Wifi) to simplify the maintenance and user authentication, but is not strictly needed.

The most important
benefits at a glance

Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1)
Type 2 connection

6mA (DC) – 30mA
(AC) leak detection



Multiple AC charging points
for parking lots

For parking lots where multiple charging points will be implemented, it is advised to place the interconnected charging points in a master-slave configuration. There is an ethernet connection needed between every single charging point to enable communication between the different points.

With this configuration the master will execute charging park software and load balancing on all connected charging points. The main charging station can also be used to install the backend-system and the central operator interface.

Optional elements can be added, like mobile communication and RFID-reader for user authentication.

Custom Design

Charging points with a single outlet (and optionally FRID-reader)
– can be fully customized in terms of design.